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Director’s Message

he word ‘IQRA’ itself is a message for study and advancement in knowledge. The first word which dawned on the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him was ‘Iqra’ which means ‘read’ is the base and foundation of all education when the providence Himself commands. His man to read and the prophet Muhammad PBUH himself says that acquiring. . .

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Our Mission & Vision

argodha was considered a backward and small city and opportunities of education for female members were not sufficient for them so, keeping in view this deficiency and disability we founded this college for higher studies. There were many colleges up to B.A and B.Sc. Classes but for master’s classes no institution was available in private sector till 2000. . .

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Admissions Are Open In All Programs! 

B.Sc. With New Combinations

Iqra Girls College Now Offer New Programs Apply Now :

 M.A English  (Semester System)  

 B.S Psychology (Semester System)

 B.S English (Semester System) 

 M.A Islamiat 

M.Sc Psychology

M.A Mass Communication

Junior Diploma In Health & Education

 M.A Sociology